Pushups for Charity was founded 10 years ago by me and my friends who supported a lot of advocacies way back. Other than promoting these advocacies and opening different kinds of issues, we are also a fan of a great lifestyle. We want to encourage our people to become healthy in life. No, they do not need to have the ‘body goals’ that people often perceived as what is ideal and live within the society’s standards. You don’t even need to have the perfect body just so you could become a healthy person and to have a healthy lifestyle. We just want to let other people know that they could be physically healthy by maintaining their regular exercise without the need of losing so much weight or putting more.

exercising on the park

The three of us want to inspire people and at the same time, let them be them. However, other than that kind of advocacy, we also want to raise awareness to different kinds of issues in our society and so we thought of putting them all together in one platform. We decided to do fundraisings for them and create activities and programs for which those interested people could participate in. The three of us also made it possible to not just help these people become healthy and fit in their own way but also have fun with other people who they meet in this place. At the same time, we aim to extend assistance to others who need it.

That was when we started to have a foundation that helps address maternal health issues, mental health issues, and even provide people with jobs that they need. We ought to continue this kind of foundation and to do more fundraising in the future. We want to become bigger in order to help a lot more people. Pushups for Charity will strive harder to become a better and bigger help.